Microsoft Error Reporting Update 2.2.9

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Some users are getting a notification that MS Error Reporting needs an update. I've downloaded the package and set it to install via policy. But the policy fails to install. Anyone having issues with this?


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Check your computer and policy logs closely to see if it actually installed. I used to think I had issues with any policy using this package then after looking more closely at local install and jamf logs I found it was actually installing correctly.

The reason the policy "fails" is because the word "error" is in the name of the package and when this word appears in the policy log Casper assumes failure when there actually is none.

To work around this I renamed the package to not include the word "error". I do not have access to our JSS at the moment so I don't remember exactly what I named it but I may have called it MERP since I have seen it abbreviated that way elsewhere. You may need to rename both the filename and display name for this package.