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New here and looking for someone to point me in the right direction for a step by step tutorial on doing Microsoft Office 2016 updates. From what I have seen, doing the apps individually is the best way to go. I would imagine the setup is the same for all of them, so when I learn how to do one, I'll know how to do them all.



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This is what many use as their guideline...
Individual updates suck more bandwidth than just pushing the whole installer, so that's what we (and many others) do.
Works great.

Good luck.

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For Office 2016 updates I have been following what's shown here:


Basically comes down to this:

cd /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft ; ./msupdate --install

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I use to do them individually and that's a pain to manage in my opinion. I setup an internal MS Office Update server and WOW has it helped so much -- I deployed a custom payload to all my clients and it really saves a lot of data and time. I also specified a time interval for clients to check for updates. When and if users launch the AutoUpdate Tool they only have the option to check for updates as I've set updates to automatic. The server I have that hosts the office files also has a cron job setup to check for MS Office updates once a week so I don't even have to think about downloading the latest pkgs.

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You should check out the 2 videos by Paul Bowden @ They will explain everything you need to know.
Office 2016 updates are much easier now with the released of MAY 3.8.

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Sorry, I meant Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) 3.8.