Microsoft Office: User Configuration Capture & Upload

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Help your users easily provide Microsoft Support their Office configuration files while maintaining user privacy

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After implementing Microsoft’s recommended macro security in Office for Mac settings via a Configuration Profile, then having affected users run Paul’s Office-Reset packages via Jamf Pro’s Self Service, some users are still observing the dreaded Run-time error 32815 triple-prompts for Visual Basic for Applications when opening blank documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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I see this often as well and it's typically a .dotm file somewhere in the add-ins path. In an Office app go to Tools (menu) --> Templates and Add-ins. In the "Global Templates and Add-ins" section you should see a list of installed plugins. Typically they'll be .dotm files. Find these files in either “~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content.localized/Startup.localized/" or “/Library/Application Support/Microsoft”