Microsoft Power BI / Metric Dashboards and Jamf Pro?

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Is there a way to connect Jamf Pro to Power BI? I found other dashboard and metric platforms that can connect to Jamf Pro, but I am not finding anything that is straight forward with Microsoft Power BI.

Or, is there a platform I have not found yet where I do not have to buy a subscription / one time purchase to use?


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We haven't built a connector to Power BI yet. But there are a few options, though. The first is that Microsoft supports a built-in ODBC connector. If you look at some of the work we've put out there (links below) then that should help to map some of the data. In this regard, Power BI could connect in similar ways as and That option would only work if you host your own Jamf Pro server as it's talking directly to the database.

For cloud customers, you'd be looking at leveraging this kind of connector, which is what we built for Domo - and it uses the API to connect. This is obviously custom for Domo, but it would be straight-forward to do something similar for Power BI. OAuth on those endpoints will help with authentication, so look for that in an upcoming release of Jamf Pro. We've also worked with customers to build webhooks to track some of this, etc.

A few JNUC videos that got into some of this:

To address the last question, the above are mostly focused on tools you would have to purchase from the above vendors to use those integrations. But connecting to Power BI would be similar. For some out-of-the-box integrations, consider Zentral on the open source side of things - available at or BrightGauge, on the less expensive side of the paid side of things, at Another option we've been working towards is flowing a lot of this data through ITSM solutions that already have integrations with those kinds of tools, like ServiceNow.

As you may notice from the number of BI tools we're currently working to integrate with in various ways, we're always looking for tools that appeal to lots of customers. I'll watch this page to see how many people are looking at Power BI. Hope this helps and please feel free to drop any follow-up questions this spawns if you want to! :)

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