Microsoft Word Colour Scheme Defaults

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We have a custom colour set for Word which is in .xml format which we copy to a location but we're looking for a way to set this as default. The set as default option is on the design ribbon in word. 


I have tried using composer to capture changes to see what file its updating but i haven't had any success, could someone point me in the right direction please? 




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Microsoft would need to add a keypair for this for you to manage, which they don't have. Without a keypair for this there is not a value for a Configuration Profile to manage. I would suggest reaching out to your Microsoft TAM.

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It may be possible to locate the plist that this value is set in, but not everything is set in a plist. Composer would have seen the plist being changed, if there was one being changed. Knowing Microsoft, its stored in a sqlight database which is encrypted.