Mid 2013 MBA Imaging Not Completing Initial Inventory

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We have received several new Mid 2013 MacBook Airs. When we imaged the machines it would only work correctly on a few. The other ones would complete the imaging process but after the Casper user was created on the machines the initial downloading of the daemon and inventory would not complete. My theory is that the computer is shutting down to quickly before this all has a chance to complete. The first boot scripts are getting added and run successfully but it is not running any of the Casper tasks as it cannot talk to the server because it is unauthorized. I have tried adding in a wait time before the first boot script runs but this doesn't seem to help.


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We've run into this on a few machines recently with some Retina MacBook Pros. The initial inventory is actually done after it reboots, however the logs show that it cannot connect to the JSS to do this. From our testing, it appears that the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adaptors are not recognized/connecting until someone logs into the machine. After that, it connects and enrolls with the JSS just fine.

Luckily, one of our initial scripts creates a local account that we can use to log in and kickstart this process.