Migrating from MSP's Jamf to self-managed

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Hi all. We've decided to part ways with a provider that managed our devices. We recently finished with the enrollment process for this provider. Before the account is officially closed, is there anything we need to do? Before we agreed to the provider's solution, we purchased the Standard version of Jamf for ourselves. We intend to upgrade to Plus version soon after they close our account. I'm a Jamf newb and will take over the enrollment/management of our devices (mostly Mac). If anyone has done a migration like this before and can share their experiences including gotchas, best practices, etc., I'd be very appreciative.

Additionally, if anyone has some learning content beyond the Jamf docs, YTube or otherwise, I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.


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If you haven't done so already or if they haven't provided this info, schedule a meeting with your msp to document & discuss step-by-step instructions, detailing everything, from Configuration Profiles, Policies, Scripts, Smart/Static Groups, etc. You want to end your contract with as much knowledge as possible regarding provisioning & ongoing workflows.


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The communications with the MSP need to start with _what_ they were using Jamf to do: provision new devices? Deploy software updates? Provide end user support?  Get a sense of what they were using Jamf for, and what other tools they may have also leveraged.  Ask for data to indicate what they most common and biggest issues were: privacy controls? OS updates? etc - so you have some guidance on what to learn first in the Jamf way of Apple management.