Migration of JSS to new Servers

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Good Afternoon Nation

I will be working on moving our JSS from MacOS to Windows Server 2016.
We have two data centers, so I wanted to put one server in each and also have one in our DMZ. (Technically one data center would host 2 servers). Currently we only have one JSS on a Mac Mini.

We have one of our Mini's hosting a distribution point, but that can go whenever. I already moved our primary DP to our NetApp cluster, which is working great.

We do have database hosts, but I think we only host MS Sequel which is unfortunate. So one of our servers would have to host our database.

We have an actively working Load Balancer, so that should also help with the cluster.

Currently our JSS is host to:
~900 Computers (iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pros)
~550 Mobile Devices

The questions is: Do we start with just our internal cluster, add the DMZ later when we know that the internal is operational? Does anybody have any other suggestions or helpful information?

I should note, I do have a test/dev server up and running.