Missing Keychain with AD accounts on freshly configured MBA - High Sierra

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I've got a new Macbook Air for a user and since it shipped with High Sierra I've decided to not image and just use config profiles to get it where I want it to be. This is our first Mac laptop going through the JSS.

Everything looks good except that when I log on as a network user, I get a bunch of keychain errors on logon and when I open almost any program.

I'm unsure of whether it's because I set the teacher config profile to create a mobile account when a user logs in, or if it's something else. I had it set to not sync anything since I read this was deprecated in High Sierra. All I care about is the user being able to log in w/out being connected to our network.

Pretty sure I kept "Create home using local home template" enabled as well.

I've since gone ahead and removed that payload from my config profile, deleted the users I tested with from the Mac and tried again without success.

Oddly, checking Keychain Access shows that a login keychain isn't being created for these AD users. I've attached pics that hopefully help. Any ideas?

EDIT: If you see a bunch of these messages, my apologies, I kept getting a error message when submitting. 31117bf8031c40349d8b4479456b1083