Missing 'Model', 'Serial Number' and 'Model Identifier' info for certain machines

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Hi all,

Have recently been granted access to my companies JAMF pro environment to lend a hand to the current admin.

Have identified that certain machines are not reporting back models, serials, identifiers (amongst other things) when being displayed in computer search.

Seems to be no pattern or obvious logical explanation, wondering if there might be some willing troubleshooters out there who can give me some advice/help?

Thanks in advance. d8cb4d4da64645f9864410fcecdf6664


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In those affected macs, does it display whether those macs are managed or not? Also, look at the last inventory update. Usually, running recon several times and policy on the Mac solves the issue and will update the inventory and any missing policies.

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Interesting thing is the "Hardware" tab in System Profiler on Macs which are not reporting serial or model info hangs when you try to load it, as does system_profiler datatype SPHardwareDataType -detailLevel full


Same problems here with two machines... after a few days, the information came back...

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We had this issue on a few clients, it actually caused a lot of our policies to run again on the endpoints because it cleared a bunch of data. Opened a ticket with jamf, nothing came of it but I asked the user to reboot and everything came back. Guessing the jamf agent is stuck somehow.