Mobile Device Apps - where are the distributed apps actually coming from - My Mobile App library or Apple

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In our app library our organization has an app that connects to a database that requires a specific version of the app. There is an updated version of the app available however we have specificly not added it to our app library because we know it will not work with our database.
I have Scoped the app from our library to the device group.
In the restrictions part of the configuration profile which is set to Only Allow Certain Apps I add the app select save, and then distribute.
Here is my problem: When I look at the device and what app has been delivered to it, it is the newer version of the app (which is not the one in our library) which will not work with our database.
How do I get the correct app to distribute. It would seem that it is going to apple and getting the latest version. Is there a way to ONLY allow JAMF to use the apps and specifically the versions of the apps that I have in my library?
Still needing assistance with this. 2017.10.11


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Snip, read your post wrong.

I just looked at our configuration profile and it looks like the "Only Allow Some Apps" is just specified by the app url. I would imagine if the app url also points the newer version for the app that might be the issue. I havent done alot of testing for this as its not needed in our environment so I am unsure. I would also check your mobile device apps to ensure the application is showing the right version. Do you have an Apple VPP account settup and are you using that to distribute your apps?

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We do have a VPP account and I believe that is how the apps are being distributed - I am new to this role. I believed this was how they were being distributed but am second guessing it now.