Monterey Issue - DEP - MacBook Air M1

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We unfortunately had a user who's MacBook Air did not enroll in DEP (ongoing issue with JAMF Pro) and updated the macOS before we could get to it.

I was enrolled via command line but now the user is getting constant popups (would like to attach the image but this forum does not apparently allow)


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What command did you run to "enroll" it? You haven't been able to use the `profiles` command to directly add the MDM profile for some time now. 

That popup is what appears when you do a `sudo profiles renew -type enrollment` or if you skip network connection during Setup Assistant. It's telling you that the Mac has reached out to Apple to activate and found your PreStage information. Following the instructions in that notification will result in the same end state as if the DEP enrollment happened correctly in Setup Assistant. 

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It was enrolled with User-Intiated (URL) but should have used sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

Had user select the pop-up the next time it appear and another window asking to Allow appeared. Had then Allow and now we are seeing if the issue is resolved.

We have had some issues with DEP not getting initiated after connecting to wifi during setup, likely due to device not getting an IP quick enough or something. Not sure if JAMF can adjust this timeout or if it is Apple (ABM) related.