Monterey update failing because the installer is damaged

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Hello Jamf Nation,

I trying to update my test mac (MacBook Air M1) to Monterey from Big Sur 11.6 and I got this error

Image 27-10-2021 at 17.25.jpeg

I try to update the most simple way : System Preferences > Software Update.

After receiving this, I did this :

  • Deleted the Installer and redownloaded it > Same error
  • Used softwareupdate > Same error
  • Tried on different network > Same error
  • Erased and reinstalled the mac > Same error again

So to be honest, I'm out of ideas. I know I could update with DFU mode or download the installPackage directly, but I want to try this way before users do it (update is currently blocked).

Thanks for all your advices !


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Here's a stab in the dark: Is your system clock set correctly? I've seen installers in the past say they were damaged when my clock was off by a couple hours.

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Thanks for the idea. I just checked and the hour is correct.

I also opened the logs of the installer, and I get the message "pkgdmg checksum does not match, possible corruption" just after verifying SharedSupport.dmg.

Could someone share a md5 hash of this file, so I can compare ?

Thanks πŸ™‚

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Update on this topic :

I tried to update / restore using the IPSW. And now in Apple Configurator, I get this error :


I'm starting to believe in a hardware failure of my MacBook Air. I've tried revive and restore multiple times, from a MacBook Pro Intel or MacBook Pro M1, and always the same error.


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I continue on this issue, I have exactly the same issue with the Big Sur Installer on the same laptop.

Restore of the mac to Monterey using IPSW also fails in DFU mode. Is it time for a visit to the Apple Store ?