Monterey update

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Hello Team, I would like to seek your assistance, as we all know Monterey is in coming and we would like to roll out the upgrade smoothly for end users. However, there's this pop up admin credentials that we have been facing and we just can't give the admin password with end users, question is, is there any script or policy that disable or bypass the admin credential while doing the upgrade? Your response would be a big help from us. Thank you.




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@tdcxmanila You might consider using a Self Service process to install Big Sur rather than having users run the Install macOS Monterey installer directly. The script (the erase part is optional, and it does support in-place upgrades) can be run from Self Service, and for Intel based Macs will not prompt the user for admin credentials. M1 Macs however do require admin credentials (technically the volume owner's credentials) and there is currently no mechanism to avoid that.


@sdagley do you have it set up (Big Sur) on your Jamf System?  Can you send a screenshot of your deployment or supply your steps?

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@sgiesbrecht I can't upload screenshots, but it's pretty straightforward. Just follow


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As @sdagley pointed out, I have also implemented the erase-install script in my environment. It's eliminated every headache I've had with performing macOS updates! Our users just needs to perform one-click in self-service and they can walk away for an hour or two (depending on their internet connection).