Move VPP Purchase to another site

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So i've made my first VPP ( purchase and messed it right up...

I purchased some app licenses on a deploy account that is tied to a site we are trying to decommission. We have another similarly named deploy account for the main site where most of our inventory lives. I thought there was a way to transfer licenses to different sites, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to do it.

I tried setting up the older deploy account in the main site we are using, but it seems like i cant do that without revoking all the licenses from the old site, which we can't do because there are still devices on that older site using some of the licenses tied to that deploy account.

I could be missing something obvious, i am pretty new to Jamf and still figuring a lot of it out. Thank you for any help!


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In Apple School Manager -> Apps and Books you select the app on the left and then transfer on the far right.


If you don't have that option then I would suspect that either your account does not have the permissions needed or the location is not setup.

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I believe i have the permissions i would need, i can double check on that, but how would i add more locations. I suspect that is the issue since i only have one option for locations in the locations drop down menu, and the transfer option isn't there.

Thank you for the screenshot, i at least know what is missing!