Moving from Cloud back to On-Premises

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anyone using JSS Cloud and moved back to On-Premises.

We aren't happy about the failover url being easily identifiable as well as we don't have any remediation against a zero day attack against JAMF clouds instances.

I've begged and asked to limit access to my JSS instance to a single IP address and was told to eat sand.

The answer from customer success was dry and my sec team aren't pleased.

A simple search of * will land you dozens of entities with their cloud instance open to the public.

JSS open to the public is one of our biggest security concern. If you can imagine someone being able to access your instance, the damage will be brutal.


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@blankMedia You need to ask about the Jamf Premium Cloud option for your JSS. It gives you much greater control over your JSS instance such as restricting console access to specific IPs, and using the AWS Global Accelerator service to limit the IP address of your JSS to 2 specific IPv4 addresses. See for more details.

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Thanks @sdagley .Our sells rep never brought that product up. I guess I'll have to figure out a way to either get management to spend more money or follow the sec team and migrate back to a local instance.