Multi-tenant Jamf Pro?

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Is a multi-tenant Jamf Pro on the cards anytime soon?

Small MSP here, don’t want to manage multiple installs (would rather have one setup really good).

Would also like to have polices at the ‘top level’ that can be added to the organisations within the multi-tenanted Jamf that can’t be edited (so we can get some generic policy out and update quick).

Is this going to happen?


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@jonohayes I work for an MSP with about 100 instances...

Apple’s requires each org to have their own Push Certificate.. so that needs a separate Jamf instance.

Or you could forgo MDM, but it’s 2018 & you don’t want to do that.

There is also the jamf|msp program which you can reach out to your jamf peeps about.

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I know this is an old thread but I wanted to respond and give some feedback. I have used sites in Jamf Pro to manage multiple clients. It works decently well. I create dedicated Jamf Pro servers for clients who are setup with Apple Business Manager. Addigy supports multiple tenants but I'm not fond of its interface and overall design. This is something Jamf really needs to work on.