Multicast MacBook Air

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Our school is rolling out 500 odd MBA's. We have purchased around 50 Ethernet to thunderbolt adapters so that we can netboot the devices and image a number of them at a time.

Has any one used the multicasting option with the resource kit ?
Has any one achieved this as yet?
If so do you know how long it will take?

We currently do not have the devices and unable to test this method.




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We were in a similar situation about a year ago with MacBooks. I tried both multicasting and just a plain old compiled image with little difference in actual imaging times. I would set up a pre-stage imaging config and just hold the N key using a compiled configuration and a healthy distribution point(s). We were using an 10.7 18GB image and it took around 15 mins with the AD bind per device.We had 1500 to do, we did them 100 devices at a time in our conference room, with 5 interns/students doing them. While they were waiting they un-boxed,tagged and inventoried the next run.You will find the real challenge is the initial setup and packaging waste. The Casper Suite takes care of the rest! Good luck and have fun!