My Classes in Apple Classroom app

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I recently created 2 classes in Casper Suite. These 2 new classes appear in my Casper Focus app but do not appear in the "My Classes" section of my Apple Classroom app. Knowing that the class was set up correctly because it shows in Casper Focus, does anyone have insight as to why the classes are not showing up in the Classroom app?8d487a361b69425590b90c575bd820d5


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My guess is that you're using device groups for those classes. You need to use user-assigned way.


Hi @rpeterson

Check to see if those student devices have the EDU profile. If you look at the history of the device you should see that the profile was installed. Go to the device record, click on the History tab. You will see all the completed commands, look for 'Install Configuration Profile EDU'.

If they do not have the profile, do the devices meet the hardware and software requirements for Apple Classroom?



Hey @rpeterson,

One more thing, did the teacher device receive a new EDU profile after you saved the classes? Basically, this profile needs to get recreated and sent to the device each time a class changes.

I have experienced an issue where the new profiles are not being sent to the devices in new classes. Restarting tomcat did trigger the EDU profile creation. I would definitely check-in with your TAM/Support.



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Thanks for the thoughts:

@St0rMl0rD the classes were created via user accounts. I didn't use any device groups for this trial.

@brad I created a new class that pulled 4 students from a class that was previously set up (successfully). I know the devices meet the software and hardware requirements for the classroom app. I'm now waiting to check to see if the education configuration profile updates. Will let you know when I see any changes.