NAS choice?

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What do others use for enterprise-grade MAC network attached storage? I want something that supports AFP natively (so as to avoid buying ExtremeZ-IP for it). Are you using dedicated devices, or Mac Pros with RAID? I'm looking to create some network based media storage for FCP, Photoshop, etc. Thanks in advance for your input.



We run a bunch of Synology NAS Devices, and they work great, outside of a few bad hard drives, no issues. To top it off it has a ton of features, and they keep adding new stuff for each release of the DSM. They're a little pricier than most others but they work great and are easy to setup.

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Wondering how well one of these would work as a distribution point?

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Have to agree with roadrunner, as we also use Synology as it just works.
We use the Synology 10613 rack station as the distribution point and sql database and just have a mac mini running the netboot + tomcat side of jamf website (until we have time to figure out how to get the Synology to do the netbooting and tomcat)

very easy to setup and the DSM software makes life a lot easier,

any other question lets me know

good luck.


They work great as distribution points. Just turn on AFP, join to AD and create the share. Literally takes no time at all to setup. Were using a RS3412, RS2212 to serve about 1000 macs, and doing deployments, with no hiccups. I did a deployment of about 250 MacBooks using a DS1513 (smaller desktop Unit, 5 Drives), and it handled 60 Macs pulling down a complied image like a champ. As of now we use the DS1513 as our master DP, and sync the other two to use for distribution. It has built in folder syncing utilities as well so you could probably use that to sync up all your DPs if you have multiple. I haven't set it up yet though, just haven't had the time! Overall I can't recommend them enough for this purpose.

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also a fan of synology . . .I've got a ds1512+ at home.
If for some reason synology doesn't work, I'd also check out QNAP, they're very good as well.

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We're going to pick up an RS812+ as a test unit and see how it goes.

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We use a Synology DS1817 8 bay since 2 years now.
Some Windows and a hand full of Mac clients. For user Management we have a Samba 4 installation as Active Directory and Domain Controller. Works like a charme.

The only downsides up to now:

  • Transfer of large files slow though we have a 3xSSD read/write cache. I am afraid this is because of the encrypted shares and the processor is not the strongest. Really have to test this now on an unencrypted share...
  • I you want to use Docker on the Synology you need to check whether your Model supports it. Ours doesn't. It depends on processor. But the ones with a processor supporting it, don't have 10GB network interfaces built in. But one can upgrade them.
  • If you plan to use NFS shares instead of SMB/CIFS I would avoid Synology. To be able to mount NFS shares one needs to have the same user ids on the client and server. It's not possible to change them on the Synology NAS.

Some of the apps are basic. Like the Photo Station. Mostly the Android and iOS apps are in a sad state.
Aside of that it's a really solid product.

If you like to have the possibility to tweak a bit more, then maybe it't not the right system.