Need help with script that detects the version of Outlook and then updates it if it is the correct version.

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I need a script that first checks if Outlook is installed, then if it is, checks the version, if it is not the latest version of outlook 2016, it installs the update. I have it working, but I want to add one more thing. I want to make sure that the installed version is at least version 15 (Outlook 2016) before it continues. This way I can make sure it is updating outlook 2016 and not an earlier version. Here is what I have so far that works, but I just need to add the checking to make sure it as least version 15 (Outlook 2016).



Get the line, regardless of whether it is correct

version_line=$(plutil -p "${app_path}/Contents/Info.plist" | grep "CFBundleShortVersionString")
if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then version_line=$(plutil -p "${app_path}/Contents/Info.plist" | grep "CFBundleVersion") if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then #if it failed again, the app is not installed at that path echo "$app_path not installed at all" exit 123456 fi

text to get the installed version number

real_version=$(echo $version_line | grep -o '"[[:digit:].]*"' | sed 's/"//g')
if [ "$real_version" = "$desired_version" ]; then echo "$app_path $desired_version is installed" exit 0
echo "${app_path}'s version is $real_version, not $desired_version"
/usr/local/jamf/bin/jamf policy -trigger updateoutlook

exit 1