Need Macbook pro A1502 efi unlock binary file

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I have macbook pro A1502 . When i open it, it's show blinking Question mark folder . And another way i open it press Power button then Hold "Option" key or "Command + R" it's show a padlock. i Can't reinstall new OSX. I need help, I need binary file for Unlock my macbook pro efi lock , My Macbook Pro HASH: C02436402R6G3LL148B5645BE7CCFACB3**

Anyone can help me? Please


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Hi, you will need to give that code to an Apple Authorised Service provider, or Apple directly and they will be able to get you an unlock file.

In a lot of cases you need to provide proof of purchase / ownership.

Hope this helps.

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Hm, this is second question about a locked computer (the other being a DEP) to pop up on JAMFNation.

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@bollman And that answer will always be the same. Go to Apple with proof of purchase and identification.

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ok thanks

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Agree with @bpavlov treat them as legit until proven otherwise, but the answer is always talk to Apple (pretty much nothing else will work anyway so that's kind of a moot point).