Need to exclude machines before enrollment ?

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Hi all, I'm new to Jamf Pro and am struggling to find out how I can exclude a machine before it's enrolled with Jamf. We apply a few profiles and run a few policies on enrollment but I need to replace a few of them with the profiles/policies I am testing. I have an unenrolled VM with a known hostname and serial number. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thank you,


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Hi, since Jamf policies rely on scoping to either a specific computer/smart group. It's best to create a smart group, use Serial Number as a criteria and add the serial you want to exclude. Then in your policy, you can add the smart group in the exclusion.

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@junjishimazaki is correct.

I needed to do something like this for multiple test machines so I created a separate Prestage Enrollment profile (we use DEP as a part of our enrollment process). I then created a smart group with the proper "Prestage Enrollment" criteria and I use that group for my policy testing exclusions/inclusions 

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Exclude test devices through Smart group

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Make a smart group that targets devices enrolled within the last XYZ days and exclude that group from your scope. This will exclude all newly enrolled devices, so it may not work as you need.