Need to move my distribution point

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Hi everyone,

We need to relocate our distribution point from a Windows SMB share to our Lion server. From what I've read, it sounds like I'll need to create the share on the Lion server, copy the folder structure from the SMB share to the Lion server, set up the distribution point within the JSS, make it the master and delete the old distribution point from the JSS.

I know I'm oversimplifying that, but does that sound accurate? Anything I should watch out for? We only have a few clients reporting in but I don't want to cause any disruptions if at all possible.

I assume that the next time the clients check in, they'll get the updated policy for them to use the new distribution point or at the very least get that information when the first self-service or scheduled policy is run against them?


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Remember to create the symlink if you are using http downloads..
Also make sure to assign and propagate the file permissions on the share.

To make sure the distribution point is set on the clients you can do an empty inventory search, select take action on results at the bottom of the screen, then select edit department, building or servers, and assign your new distribution point.

This article might help you too:

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  1. Build the distribution point on Lion Server
  2. Add it as a secondary distribution point via JSS in Settings/Servers/Distribution points
  3. Open Casper Admin and replicate old server to new
  4. Test forcing to use new server as distribution point via Casper Remote override defaults... when satisfied it works
  5. make it the master and the windows distribution point a secondary