Netboot query

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Do you have to use a Mac os Server to Netboot or can you utilise another windows flavour if so any suggestions so they can exist on the same machine as the .JSS ?


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You might want to take a look at JAMF's NetBoot/SUS server here:

This product will let you spin up a VM based on Ubuntu that you can use to set up NetBoot on non Apple hardware. Its not quite as robust as Apple's version under OS X Server, but it does the job for many people.

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We still use Mac OSX server (on Mini's) for NetBoot, Casper (DP's & JSS) & ASUS.

(As well as NTP).

Cheap at £1k with AppleCare, cheaper than carving 500GB from a left hand node on some sites. Also inexpensive enough to swap & ship when needed