NetSUS - one branch local, one branch from Apple

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Contributor III

Hey guys,

perhaps a misleading title... What I want to know: is it possible to configure a NetSUS appliance with two different branches; one branch where update downloads are done from the NetSUS AND
one branch where updates are only filtered and downloaded from Apple

The reason for this is the following: we have clients all over the world, but most of them in one location. The majority of those clients should get their updates from the NetSUS, but clients which are not in those location should only get the update filter and download the updates from Apple.

I know this can be done with a second appliance. But this means two appliances which needs updates and so on.



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You would probably have to ditch the SUS appliance and just use Reposado on its own (the SUS installer would complain and/or overwrite the changes I'm suggesting) but I don't see any reason why you couldn't set up two apache sites with two different document roots, (/srv/SUS/htmlapple & /srv/SUS/htmlinternal) along with two different reposado roots (/var/lib/reposadoapple & /var/lib/reposadointernal) and then configure each one appropriately.