NetSUS Server 3.0.1 is now available

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We have put out a new version of the NetSUS Server. The source has been updated on GitHub and it is also available as both an OVA and an installer.


Thank you to everyone in the community that have helped in making this release.


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If the NetSUS is not pulling down or displaying updates from the Apple catalog, how do you troubleshoot it? what should we be looking for? I had my server team install the latest NetSUS and when I login via the web interface and click on the root branch I do not see a list of updates.

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FYI, if your SUS is behind a proxy, Reposado will need to be configured accordingly.

Modify the Reposado config file (/var/lib/reposado/preferences.plist) with something like this:

            <string>proxy = ""</string>

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I've updated to Ubuntu 14.04.1 and just installed NetSUS 3.0.1 after that update. Now my ssl is not working and my catalogs don't show up if I put the url into a browser. I tried using the first to install it and then I used the since the first one broke the ssl.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm getting when I go the the NetSUS url with https. external image link

When I try to go to the catalog in the url it says that catalog is not available.

Any ideas?

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Here are some errors I'm getting when installing NetSUS. external image link

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I'm still learning much about the appliance. If I'm running 3.0, how do I update to 3.0.1? I've been researching it but I'm unable to figure this out on my own.