New extension attribute. "Model Identifier"

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Today there was a need to report on the "Model Identifier" that you see in System profiler. I whipped this up and just thought I'd share it out for anyone who needed it.

An example of how this is different from the what the JSS normally gathers is:
In computer details of the JSS you will Hardware > Model: MacPro (Mid 2010).
With this extension you will see Model Identifier: MacPro 5,1

It's a small difference and I thought if I needed it someone else might to.



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It would be nice if the JSS was consistent about these model identifiers. Sometimes it makes the change, and sometimes it doesn't...

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I've always found the JSS to be consistent. Of course, our latest laptops report MacBookPro8,2, but then surely they will until I update the JSS.

Saying that, I personally had set up an attribute to pull the Model Identifier as I too find this more useful than the vague 'Mac I bought some time in 2008'