New Features for iOS 10.3

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Hi All!!
We have lots of folks here, myself included, who are doing a Happy Dance over new iOS Features in jamf pro 9.98 and iOS 10.3:
Thank you Apple (about time!) , Thank you jamf!!!

At long last, in case you missed it:
SHUTDOWN (by Group)
RESTART (by Group)
The ability to send a SOUND to a lost device (HUGE!)
Bonus: Save issues after LDAP Lookup, fixed!


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Having the sound play again for Lost Mode is huge. Our Middle and High schools have ipads 'lost' everyday. (left in classrooms, buried under books and papers, forgot in gym lockers etc...)

Any word on if Server 5.3 and iOS 10.3 finally fixes the ios-not-using-caching server issue?

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Has anyone played around with the Tethered Caching feature with 10.12.4 much? According to the man page it will allow MDM commands to come through over USB as it's bridging the ethernet connection. I was hoping we'd be able to use this to send clear passcode commands to devices that have lost Wifi, but I haven't had any luck. Seems to work fine when devices are unlocked though.


Doesn't the 'sound when lost' mode only work for supervised devices??
With a BYOD environment in a school they are always losing the device but im pretty sure its only supervised devices