New Patch Policy Extension Attribute Errors


Our cloud asset was recently upgraded to 10.27
There are new Patch Policies available and a handful of "Legacy" and "Deprecated" Software Titles.

I'm seeing EA errors for the Patch Management of Microsoft AutoUpdate and for Mozilla Firefox.

I'm no EA wizard, but I don't see anything obvious in the EA provided by the Patch Management.

Anyone else seeing this?


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Please refer to this article:

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The Firefox and OneDrive EA's are now broken.


@GSKYadmin I got the fix from another discussion: Go to the EA that is broken/showing error. Click Edit. Then there is an Accept button. Click that. There will be a popup with a checkbox. Check it and click Ok. EA should be better.

This fixed my issue in two clicks. Thanks!

This fixed mine too. Thank you!!

Fixed it for me. If jamf is following this thread, this is a stupid problem to have. How about explaining this in the EA page. 

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I found that I cannot edit the extension attribute. For instance, some folks are failing on OneDrive, because the CFBundleIdentifier is different (should be but is actually