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I have just purchased Casper for our fleet of 600 macbooks and am new to this list.

Just wondering if there are any things to watch out for in the early stages of installing/rolling out casper.

We haven't done the Jumpstart thing yet so it's not an urgent request.

Looking forward to working alongside you all!

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Welcome to the party.
The jumpstart will give you a good stepping stone.

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Yep, JumpStart is definitely a great beginning. It's a great crash course into the product. After about 6 months or a year of full-on use of The Casper Suite, I'd heavily recommend the CCA course. You'll get in-depth knowledge of the product and unlearn any bad habits that you may have been doing. You'll also learn some great good habits.

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Hi Nathan,

I'm fairly new as well. We just purchased in April but I was out for a while after that so I've really just been digging in to this over the last three weeks. As others said, the JumpStart is a great beginning step. Also, I've found some good tidbits in the knowledge base on the JAMF site. I've been bouncing a lot of things off of support too and they've been really good to work with.