No users available for authorization; Due to JAMF prestage account?

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Curious what a few more experienced folks think. We are testing some ARM based Macs before wider deployment.

I always go to disc utilities and erase disc, then I do the reinstall of the OS through the system restore. Every time, I get "No users available for authorization". This forces me to "reset password", then "erase Mac" and sometimes I Have to do that twice because the disc fails to mount.

My question here though, is during my presages, I place a local admin account then I log on using that local admin account. So, we have the admin account that JAMF provides (the management account), plus the extra one I just have the prestage doing.

Is it possible JAMF isn't somehow creating these accounts correctly in the fact they don't work with whatever Apple is doing to find users available for authorization?

I am going to test pulling that account out of the prestage and placing it elsewhere in a policy creation after the fact and see if this prevents the no users available error.

Or is this just an Apple thing?


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Can anyone look into this? I have a Macbook with an M1 Chip. I am getting this same error when trying to reinstall Big Sur. This isn't conducive for the corporate environment I am in. Any assistance with this would be helpful.