Non ASM Staff iPad - Can this machine control Jamf configured classes?

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I've got a staff iPad not purchased via Apple/apple educational reseller so consequently not part of my Apple School Manager.

Is it possible for this iPad to control classes containing iPads which are part of the ASM+JAMF?

I've been able to add the iPad to the Caspersuite/jamfpro

And set it as a teacher

But in the Apple Classroom app on the device it just has the manual code setup for Apple Classroom.

The managed machines don't have the ability to enter a code

Can someone possibly tell me;

Is this teacher iPad able to control the school iPads the same way as the teacher iPads we have (which are part of our ASM)?

And if it isn't, is it possible to get the ASM iPads to be able to join this Teacher's classes manually using a code?

In case it's relevant we're using JAMFcloud.


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Hey Sean,

You can still use Classroom for that iPad as long as we get the EDU profile deployed out to the device. That means that the teacher user needs to be attached to the device in Jamf Pro and that same teacher user needs to be in a class in Jamf Pro. I'm assuming that you're bringing in class information from ASM, so that will make it a little different. In order to make sure that teacher isn't dropped from your classes when an ASM sync takes place, we'll need to add that teacher to a static user group and then scope that user group in the class. That should get the EDU profile deployed to that device and when an ASM sync takes place that user group would not fall out and retain the teacher in the class.

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Thanks for this Matt. Classes are not configured in ASM, just in JamfPro.

One iPad in the trolley allocated to being a teacher.

This was what was set up in the iPad jump start I had to do.

No Apple IDs in the picture at all either.

Thanks for responding. Very much appreciated.