Note: smart group set to OS like "10.4" will include both Tiger and Yosemite

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Just a heads up that if you have a smart group that has the criteria set to Operating System Like 10.4, it will include devices with 10.10.4 Yosemite.

I was using the smart group as a way to exclude OS X Tiger for some policies and noticed that it was including systems with 10.10.4

The solution is to set the scope for OS X 10.4 Tiger smart group to be Operating System Like "10.4." Note the period at the end. It makes a huge difference.


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Edit: Never mind. I didn't read you're full post. You already figured it out.

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haha, I was looking at the same thing about the time you posted this..

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Does everyone else have 30+ smart groups that help single out specific versions of OS X ?

I wish there was another way, but it has solved a lot of the scoping and exclusion issues.