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So, I’m Extremely new at all this IT stuff, I was able to launch Nudge on to 2 test laptops via jamf using but I don’t know how to make it Do anything. a link to a step by step would be great. Thanks in advance.


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It will entirely depend on what you want it to do for your environment. The most important part would be to set the required minimum OS version (requiredMinimumOSVersion). I would recommend looking through the Preferences on the wiki for anything that catches your eye on what you want:

And here is a demonstration from the last JNUC that is helpful for seeing exactly what Nudge does:

I attempted to push out Nudge to get our devices more up to date, but had to shut it down due to issues with users unable to properly update (secure tokens/false errors). Despite that, Nudge worked wonderfully, even with default values. This was my general set up:

  • Simple mode (next time around, I may not do simple mode as it wasn't enough information for the user and cause more panic than I expected)
  • Minimum OS requirement 11.5
  • Default values for timers and deferrals
  • Enabled Random Delay
  • Packaged Nudge with an image to display as the icon

Edit: corrected requiredMinimumOSVersion in first paragraph.

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@AdamMayer When it comes to configuring Nudge I'd recommend leveraging @dan-snelson 's Nudge Post-install: See the Wiki link on that page for detailed instructions.

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Has anyone been able to update the actual mobile config text to customize it more to fit your environment? for example it says below "your device requires a security update" and I want to change it to "your device requires a macOS update" even though I update the mobile config I never see the outcome if I run nudge. Has anyone been able to modify the text successfully? 
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Anyone get this to work just using option #2 here: ?

I can't get it to prompt.