Office 2011 Licensing


We're investigating options in volume licensing of MS Office. Would appreciate it if anyone has some background on this and would be willing to talk in non-specific terms off line regarding their experience with volume licensing for Office 2011?

I can't find a heck of a lot regarding cost, various pricing models (other than the program names- Enterprise, Standard, Open etc).

I did find an older doc that seems to imply that Office for Mac is a platform independent license, but it seems dated and only references Office 2007.

I'm up against our purchasing folks and their Microsoft contacts here, and I'm not entirely convinced that they are as 'in the know' about the licensing particulars for this version of Office.



I can't help with pricing and plans since our Sourcing group handles all that.

I can, however, give you the pros of Microsoft volume licensing that I've documented.

The cons? Really just one. Price.

I'm not sure if Microsoft really does offer a cross-platform license that allows you to install either a Windows or Mac version. I don't believe they do but your Microsoft account manager can tell you.