Packaging Adobe Lightroom 3.5

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Hi List,

At the moment i must packaging Adobe Lightroom 3.5 for a group of users. I've created a package with composer. Deploy it with FUT and FEU. But when I start the App I have to insert the serial again.

Does anyone had the same problem?

Thorsten Hesse


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This may actually be a blessing in disguise if you have other Adobe software already on the machine. Many times when you deploy a serialized package of an Adobe app it will overwrite the Adobe License Database on that machine. This can cause you to have to reinstall the entire CS5 suite again.

I don't know if AAMEE supports Lightroom but I've had good luck ever since I started packaging using Adobe's tool.

Tom Tubbiola
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Hi Tom,

Thx for your reply. The Adobe License Database is not a Problem. There is no other Adobe Software on the workstation. I've tested AAMEE with Lightroom but Lightroom comes with a .pkg. So there is no way to put the serial in.

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I managed to find an ok workaround for this application that works well for me:
1) mount the lightroom dmg and drag and drop the pkg into casper admin
2) manually install the application on any computer that has composer on it.
3) configure the application with serial and settings such as disabling auto updates
4) launch composer and copy the following to it:
-- ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom (the whole directory
-- then go to ~/Library/Preferences and copy com.adobe.lightroomSharedFiles.plist and com.adobe.lightroom.plist
5) you should now have a source with the above files and folders, so go ahead and turn it into a dmg
6) upload the dmg to casper admin
7) make sure that the dmg has a higher priority than the pkg you uploaded earlier.
8) create a policy in the jss to deploy your 2 packages to a test machine and make sure that the test machine has composer on it for one more step
9) once you deploy to test machine open the application, you should get a box prompting you about the catalog file is not the location /User/blah/Pictures/Lightroom etc to fix this before clicking anything open composer and do a normal capture.
10) once composer has finished its first pass, click "Use Default Catalog" on the lightroom application then capture it with composer.
11) composer should result with a raw camera preference file and a path to the new catalog remove any other bits that are not needed, and convert to dmg.
12) upload the dmg to casper admin and give it an even higher priority than the other dmg so you should have something like the pkg at 10 and the 1st dmg at 11 and the 2nd dmg at 12.
13) add the dmg to the policy you created earlier, re-image your test machine and test test test

Hope this is useful to some body.