Office 2011 - Outlook Account Setup Fails

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I'm having an issue after upgrading to Office 2011 v14.3.1 (14.3.0 also has the same problem). I can no longer get exchange accounts to setup, I just get an 'authentication failed' message. This worked with 14.2.x, and what's worse, it works if I load Office 14.3.1 onto a vanilla 10.8.2 image loaded from InstallESD. It only fails when I load Office onto an image loaded with Casper. Because of this Microsoft isn't providing much help (no surprise there...) Anyone ever seen this? We run Exchange in the cloud for email.


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I was having issue with Office 2011 v14.1.0 and Outlook when apply updates Outlook will always break. Yesterday stumbled upon this link and now Office works with no problems.