Office 2016 Slow

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Has anyone noticed Office being slower than usual? Specifically Word and Outlook? Slow to open and lags when typing etc...


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These newer updates are causing a bunch of problems. I have noticed the slowness of apps opening in 16.9 and 16.10.
I have also noticed my users getting a ton of keychain error messages specifically from Microsoft apps since these updates. I have also noticed corruption of normal template as of late causing me to make a self service script to trash the microsoft files in the group containers folder in the users library which resets the preferences and then requires them to login to activate their copy of o365 again.
Quite a mess lately.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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I noticed some users having issues with excel since the 16.X updates, and downgrading them to 15.41 seemed to have resolved their issues (for now...)

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I suggest using the last 15.41 version or whatever it was at. 16.9 and later have many bugs. Wait them out.

Another real winner is the one where you can't open attachments on emails. You have to save them local to view them first.

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so its not just me.... ok thats good to know! Ive been seeing a lot of the same error @gshackney has been!

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I skipped over 16.9 here and went to 16.10. Tested opening attachments and seeing expected behaviors with Word and PDF's.

Getting good speed here from the whole suite, as well.

Some of these factors may be hardware related, as well. This was from a high-end iMac.