Office 365 Auto Login

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I am wanting to Configure Office 365 Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint etc.


All to auto login to the Assigned Devices User Email. From O365 Instance. Can Someone help me please? The App Configurations I am finding are not doing anything.




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Here is the jamf blog and  I have tried this but auto login will not happen on macOS because passwords are stored in System keychain hence email ID will be captured in office 365 apps.

Link -

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Cant be done, at least not at this point in time. The MacOS login screen does not pass its credentials to any applications (Yet). The closest you can get (currently) is with applications like Microsoft Comp Portal which still need to be logged in to manually, but once logged in will SSO the rest of the MS Products on the device.


Platform SSO has some promising potential, but most of its potential is yet to be realized.

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You can use SSOe with Company Portal. It will capture the first login and apply it as SSO, so the user will still have to log in at least once. 

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I'm working on implementing this now, works fairly well and is customizable for non-MS products.  Hate that I need to install Company Portal, but I find that you can hide the app from the user, as they'll never need it

For us it was an easy implementation since we already used Company portal to get Device Compliance integration with EntraID/Intune. I install Company Portal together with the prestage enrollment, it's not a very big app. 

Interstingly, you don't actually need to sign into the Company Portal app to use it as an SSO broker, and that's the main problem: Apple, despite their keychain functionalty, does not have a native identity broker outside of icloud.