Office 365 Mail SMTP Connection


Hi all,

Bit of an odd one: I'm attempting to configure Office 365 Mail for a client (configured with the usual IMAP/SMTP settings) via a device profile and, if I hard-code the password into the profile, everything works fine. If I leave it blank so the user is prompted to enter it into Settings, no connection can be made to the SMTP server and the message is placed in the Mail app's Outbox. Incoming mail works fine, however. I'd happily hard-code the password in but I have three-dozen users for this client so that's an awful lot of work (not to mention the security alarm bells it raises).

Stranger still, this profile works fine on our lab iPad with a test account the client has provided us with but, on their end, they can't even load incoming mail for any of their users - they just get a 'server not responding' message. Now I haven't hard-coded any password in on their profile to see if that magically resolves everything on their end too but I really don't want to go down that road if at all possible.

The users were added manually into their JSS (no LDAP settings have been configured) and assigned to a device. The profile users the $wildcards to pull the required information on a per-user basis and works fine on our end but, again, not for them. I'm kind of at a loss, the last thing I think it could be is some sort of network issue or maybe the way their mail server is set-up. I'd appreciate any insight this wonderful community can give!