On/Off Campus Log-Ins

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We are a grade school.

One to One Macbooks

In normal times, device never left campus. We used a simple Open Directory that once authenticated, would create a local Account/Home Folder on the laptop.

If someone(assuming they were in our OD) logged into the device it simply created a new user account/Folder on the local device.

Our crude OD set-up only works on our campus and with the new "normal", the devices will be going off campus a lot.

Is there an easy solution? Would it make since to simply create individual home folders for each computer(perhaps via a .csv upload) and just bypass the OD all together.

It would eliminate the advantage of kids swapping machines in class, which we really don't encourage anyway.

Trying to wrap my head around this. Thanks for any ideas.


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Do you have a VPN solution that you can leverage?