One Recon to Rule Them All

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If there are multiple policies being applied by a trigger, sometimes recon is run multiple times. Is there a way to specify, "do this stuff and when all the other triggered stuff is done run one recon to update the inventory on JSS?"



You should have the option to run recon on a per policy basis.....we have our policies that are on the same trigger named such that they run in numerical order and then the final policy to run has the recon selection.

1.0 Policy1
1.1 Policy2
1.2 Policy3
1.3 Polcy4
1.4 Policy5 + recon

Maybe that will help yah a bit

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Nope, but there is at least one if not more than one feature request added some time ago for exactly that.

If there is one thing that drives me absolutely batty its this aspect of the jamf process. I simply hate seeing a full blown A-Z recon being run after every policy (assuming Inventory collection is turned on for the policy, and most are!) Such a huge waste of time and resources on the Mac. I'd love to see this become more intelligent. I have to assume the jamf binary gets notified of all the policies waiting to run on the trigger, like every15, etc, so why can't it lump all the recons together at the end when that trigger run is over??

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spowell01: This wouldn't work for us. Because there isn't an "update this software to the latest version" feature, we use smart groups that look at installed software and its version. After we install the software, we want it to be taken out of the smart group, so we run a recon. For any given client, we don't know which set of software update policies will be applied at any given time.

mm2270: Thank you for the link. Appropriate clicks applied. And it isn't just a waste on the Mac, it also takes up resources on the JSS. I'm not saying I found out about this the hard way by having an update inventory on every recurring check-in for every client when I first started using JSS, but I will say I asked a lot of resource usage questions when earning my CJA.

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Yes agreed. no reason the JSS's Mac entry should need to be updated multiple times in the db within a 5 minute or so timespan. it certainly isn't so kind to the JSS either.

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This would've helped too:

But zach replied saying it's not planned &

Responded: 7/27/13 at 10:20 PM by zach
We are reluctant to bring this feature back, as it caused numerous problems with partial reports making inaccurate smart groups. We are, however, working on a few ways to make the inventory collection process faster and less impactful.

So when that's done it'll help.