One user profile for multiple users

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Here's the situation: In a Mac lab on campus we would like it if when any student logs in (using NoMAD and authenticating to AD) they are put into an existing profile that does not match their username. For example, the Mac is configured with a standard user profile named "student" and user "doej123" logs in and gets put into the user folder "student". Then once "doej123" logs out, user "diazp321" logs in and gets put into the user folder "student". And so on, and so on... (FYI, when a user logs out the machine is entirely refreshed using Faronics DeepFreeze.)
We DO NOT want a profile folder created on the fly using the default user template.
Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!


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Have you found a workaround to this? We have the same sort of set up in our Mac labs and new to Jamf. We used to run rm -R /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/
cp -R /Users/admin/
/System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/ and any new AD user would get the same baked in look and feel.

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Thanks for that help. We can use that in some labs, but we have a lab that uses some software that requires an extremely large repository of files in the user profile. The copying of those files slows the login process to an unacceptable length of time. This is why I was looking for a way to "re-use" an existing profile for multiple, different logins.