onedrive is automatically zipping folders when downloaded

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Hey there fellow Jamf'ers! 2 days ago, several of my macs started having this issue.


the users are downloading a folder from onedrive, the folder is being zipped without prompting. once the folder is downloaded, the file then CANT be opened as it shows as a corrupt file. I've done the usual google search, uninstalled/reinstalled/reset onedrive permissions, all to no avail.


has anyone seen this happen? or better yet, resolved this issue?




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Hey Dan, I haven't had this happen in my environment. Out of curiosity, what are the file sizes of the folders/files, wondering if some of these are big folders/files?

EDIT: What version of onedrive are you using and do you have a configuration profile installed to control the settings?

the folder sizes vary, by a LOT actually, some are quite small at < 20 Mbyts and others are much larger. i don't use a profile as we use what's on the app store


That's pretty weird. Have you tried downloading the files from a browser and see if they're still zipped and corrupted? 

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@danlaw777 This is when your users are accessing the Web interface for OneDrive and selecting a folder then clicking the Download button? That the folder is downloaded as a .zip file has been the normal behavior as far back as I can recall using the OneDrive Web interface. If this is happening in the Finder when right-clicking on a folder and selecting "Always Keep on This Device" that would be a problem.