Open Position with Large Retail Customer

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Looking for a Jamf engineer that has experience with:
1.Ticket resolution 2. Installs, configures, and troubleshoots Mac OS hardware and software systems
3. Deep knowledge of Jamf
4. Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory Servers
5. Maintains passwords, data integrity and file system security for the Mac environment
6. Deep scripting skills
7. Strong coding skills in Swift or Xcode

6 Month Contract-to-hire role working with a large retail company. Call 865.773.9447 for more information.


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@haydenkeller865 I would be interested in this, only #7 I don't have any experience in that area. Here's my email also if you want to see my experience click on my Upwork profile attached to my Jamf nation profile.

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@haydenkeller865 this would benefit better to be posted on the Jobs Board. You can find that here

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Could you tell us what area this is in?

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@kericson #7 is incongruous anyway, Swift is a programming language while Xcode is an IDE.

Swift is not that hard to learn, if you have the time just grab up some of the free iBooks from Apple, or there are some decent courses out there from Udemy, Devslopes, and such.

Xcode is virtually impossible to fully understand. Fortunately, you only need about 7% of it to write applications (and did you know that 62% of statistics are made up on the spot?).