Opera and settings deployment

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The latest manifest for Opera is 9, but they're up to version 23.0.1522.72 - fine.

I installed it, then set the preferences up. I captured, and then saved as a DMG and pushed it to a test machine with the FUT and FEU flags. I log into our test account and the prefs aren't there. I log into my account and the prefs aren't there.

So, if I'm just trying to push some bookmarks and the default home page, is anyone able to point me in the right direction? My google-fu isn't doing much with regards to this quest.


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Have a look at this page. It outlines all relevant folders for Opera.

All the files you are looking for (bookmarks, home page, etc) are located in the ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera folder

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That's the thing: after posting, I found that folder and the "Preferences" file. I made the changes I wanted (home page, default download location, etc) and then packaged it up.

I pushed that to another machine, and it puts the files in the right place - fill user template, fill existing users. When I try it in our local admin account, it loads and knows about the home page, but it instead uses the "quick access page" or whatever it's called. Same for my network user account which is built from the user template.

If I make the change to the local user account for the home page, then copy the "Preferences" file to the user template, it sets it up properly when I create a network account based on the template.

It's crazy, just crazy.