Organization wide scan for rootkit(s)

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A security concern has come up in our facility that may require deep scans of systems to detect possibly installed rootkits. A specific case that had come up is the rootkit rubilyn that can hide processes at will, and even goes undetected by most detectors. The only method I see currently is from Volatility and its latest release version. This requires a full memory dump, which for our facility includes quite a few 32GB systems, and then a detailed scan to find processes hidden by this rootkit.

Has anyone ventured into deep scans on systems within their organization and if so, how big of a scale is it implemented on? Site-wide, department based, or even case by case basis. A rootkit as stealth as this is quite scary for a government facility such as ours, and we will eventually need concrete proof that our systems are not being compromised by them.


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Whenever we do this it's usually organization wide as the hard work in creating the Casper EA has already been done, generally up to 1,000 devices per site.

From what I have read about rubilyn, it will hide from ps but can be seen using launchctl so an EA based around that could be worth looking into.