OS X 10.7 Profile settings changed after upgrade to JSS 8.51

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OS X 10.7 Configuration Profile settings changed after upgrade to JSS 8.51

I have seen this issue with our OS X 10.7 802.1X Login Profile created via JSS

I have 2 instances of JSS running one on RHEL6 and one on Windows 2008 R2 and both of them access the same database. For testing purposed I have upgraded the JSS on RHEL6 to v8.51 and found this.

In v8.43 you can see the "Use as a Login Window configuration" box is ticked.

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But if you access it from v8.51, the tick box is unticked.

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I have downgraded the version to 8.43 on RHEL6 and found that the setting is ticked. So it's not server OS specific for sure.

I don't know what other settings have changed by the upgrade in other profiles. Has anyone seen this behaviour?


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I can confirm this is a bug. My JSS is having the same issue. However, I'm not noticing any issues with the actual machines receiving this profile. It seems as if their all still getting wireless settings at the login window. I could see how this might affect new profiles though, as old profiles may still have the correct data in them even though the checkbox isn't reading it correctly, but I'd bet if you made a new one it might not work.

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Hi Everyone,

I just want to chime in to let you all know that this has been filed with the developers for further review. Please stay tuned for a future release of the Casper Suite to address this.


Chuo Lee