Using Netboot/SUS Appliance to be Master ASUS and cascading to Multi Servers

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Hi All,
i was wondering if its possible to make this happen with the Netboot/SUS Appliance.
I Have a Netboot/SUS Appliance Setup in my Data Centre.
I have 80 Mac Mini Running 10.7 Server. All running there own JSS's Containing Roughly around 200 - 600 Mac Devices at each site.
Currently we are only allowing Windows or Linux Devices to sit in our Data Centre.
Thus why we are running the Linux SUS Appliance.
Thats a little Information of my site and situation.

my question

Is it Possible to Have and use a Netboot/SUS Appliance Acting as a Master Apple Update Server Replicating or Cascading down to Multiple Apple Servers Running 10.7.???


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should be possible. you're better off asking this on the reposado list, though.

it seems people are already doing it:!topic/reposado/lokxC7Q50vg

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You could try to dns spoof the apple update server to your master server. So at the replica point to resolve to If you spool up a DNs server just for sus you could create quite a complex fail over path too, incase one server is down.

I've done this the the past with apples sus before and it worked fine. Havent tried it with rep.